The Story

At CONNOISSEUR we specialize in sophisticated and creative ingredient combinations, delivering an exciting and luxurious eating experience for true ice cream lovers. We have travelled to some of the most exotic locations on earth in search of the highest quality inclusions, that will ensure to surprise and delight. We then combine them with fresh cream from Australian pastures. It’s this passion and pursuit for perfection that is evident in every tub. It’s what makes CONNOISSEUR the leading brand in premium ice cream.

The Brooklyn Collection

In 2016 CONNOISSEUR has partnered with OddFellows Ice Cream Co., one of the most popular ice cream parlours in Brooklyn, New York, to create a unique range of four delicious flavours that will take you on a journey throughout four iconic Brooklyn neighbourhoods.

Feel like you are exploring Bed-Stuy with Peanut Butter & Pretzel with Sweet Cream, take a trip to Coney Island with Golden Syrup with a Butter Swirl & Corn Nuts, indulge in a Flatbush icon with Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Custard or visit trendy Williamsburg with Matcha Green Tea with White Chocolate Waffle Cone.

OddFellows Ice Cream Co. is Sam Mason, a pastry chef who has been highlighted as one of the most progressive culinary voices working in America today, and husband and wife Mohan and Holiday Kumar. Together these 3 friends started OddFellows Ice Cream Co. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2013 and have quickly established a cult following for their innovative flavour combinations.

Choose Your Next Adventure

In 2015, CONNOISSEUR took you on a new taste adventure.  We travelled the globe sourcing authentic ingredients for five amazing flavours to be launched in our stick range.

Five truly indulgent flavours with a taste of adventure,  Himalayan Salted Chocolate with Vanilla & Almond, Canadian Maple with Peanut Butter, Montana Mountain Mint, Sicilian Blood Orange and Mexican Chili Chocolate.

Choose Your Next Adventure

The Empire Collection

In 2014, the CONNOISSEUR Empire Collection brings the story of ice cream to life with four unique flavour combinations inspired by four historical characters who each had a connection to the very origins of ice cream.

With flavours inspired by the personalities of some of the world’s most charismatic leaders combined with stunning packaging designed by local Victorian artist Steve Cross, the story of ice cream comes to life.

The Empire Collection- a tale of discovery.

The Thrill of the Taste

In 2013, CONNOISSEUR moved into a new format with the launch of the stick range. The range features five amazing flavours including- Murray River Salted Caramel with Macadamia, Kangaroo Island Honey with Pistachio, Sumatran Coconut, Madagascan Vanilla and Cookies & Cream.

The CONNOISSEUR range aims to set a new standard for premium stick ice cream. We challenge you to taste the difference that good quality ingredients sourced from around the world and tailored to an Australian palate can make.

Go on, be thrilled- that first bite; the gooey caramel, the rich vanilla ice cream; will make your taste buds dance.

Watch the latest CONNOISSEUR ad featuring the new stick range.

The Australian Collection

In 2010 CONNOISSEUR selected four of Australia’s best dessert chefs to produce and create the most indulgent ice cream ever – the CONNOISSEUR Australian Collection.

Familiar names to those in-the-know, these chefs are champions for regional produce with access to some of the country’s most delightful hidden gems. Darren Purchese, Rochelle Adonis, Pierre Roelofs and Kate Sumner were handpicked by CONNOISSEUR for their individual skill and artistry to craft the CONNOISSEUR Australian Collection.

The Australian Collection took you on a mouth-watering journey to the sun-drenched splendor of Kangaroo Island, the lush green pastures of the Derwent Valley, the tranquil bank of the Murray River and to the silver-crowned majesty of the Snowy Mountains.

CONNOISSEUR and Nadav Kander

In 2010 CONNOISSEUR teamed up with Nadav Kander. Arguably one of the globe’s best stills photographers whose impressive list of subjects range from the world’s most powerful, Barack Obama, to the world’s most gorgeous, Brad Pitt.

In a commission designed to capture the artistry involved in making our gourmet ice-cream, Kander collaborated with acclaimed British set designer Hana Al Sayed, turning the key ingredients in CONNOISSEUR into visually stunning art installations.

Kander captured with his lens the skill and care that CONNOISSEUR takes in selecting each of its ingredients, bringing to life the artistry of CONNOISSEUR ice-cream.

The flavours forming the basis of the installations are Classic Vanilla, featuring elusive Madagascan Vanilla beans and Australian cream; Caramel Honey Macadamia, containing caramelised Queensland macadamia nuts, Australian cream and honey; and Café Grande, crafted from a special blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, Australian cream, chocolate coated almonds and Grand Marnier®.

The CONNOISSEUR commission was a departure for Kander, who is internationally renowned for his portraiture and large format landscape photography.

Watch the making of the Nadav Kander campaign.