Plant Based

We discover nature’s finest ingredients to create pure plant based indulgence. Offering the perfect combination of familiar and unexpected flavours that will thrill your senses.

Coconut Acai Berry

Coconut cream swirled with a luscious combination of acai and berries coated in smooth dark chocolate with flakes of toasted coconut. A plant based indulgence enriched with the passion of Brazil.


Vanilla Brownie

Smooth vanilla folded with brownie crumb and smothered in rich dark chocolate with brownie pieces. A plant based indulgence capturing the intrigue of Madagascar.


Mango Passionfruit

An exquisite blend of creamy mango frozen dessert swirled with passionfruit & Mexican agave sauce combined with oat
cookies. A plant based indulgence embracing the spirit of Mexico


Hazelnut Chocolate

A decadent hazelnut frozen dessert swirled with rich chocolate sauce made from responsibly sourced Ghanaian cocoa, combined with crushed roasted hazelnuts. A plant based indulgence harnessing the magic of Africa.